About Me

Hi, my name is Ms Wing. Students prefer to call me by the standard name every teacher has: Teacher or Cher

I have always loved changing lives for the better. I’ve been:

  • a first aider in St John Ambulance Brigade

  • an advocate in Environment Club

  • a tutor in Secondary School Maths and Sciences with 9 years of experience.

During Secondary School ( River Valley High School ), I was very busy with my Core Curriculum Activities, to the extent where I knew my First Aid and Nursing Textbook much better than my Biology Textbook. Hence, I came up with my own learning strategies and my L1R5 improved from 26 to 9 in 4 months for GCSE O Levels.

Tuition Experiences

I have 9 years of experience teaching A Math, E Math, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

When I started tutoring in 2008, I gave my students a lot of freedom in choosing the methods they are comfortable with. However when they didn’t show any improvement, I realise that a good tutor is one that gives clear and firm instructions and this is what I do now. Throughout the years, I have taught many students with different learning styles and my teaching style is constantly evolving to meet the students’ needs better.


My field of specialization is in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (Diploma from Singapore Polytechnic, Degree from Nanyang Technological University) where I worked on Safety projects in the Production Department and Health, Safety and Environment Department in Chemical and Pharmaceutical companies. Despite loving the impact my work has on the well-being of the workers, I have decided to focus on my health and move towards training and education.


Other than tutoring, I will also be conducting workshops and talks to introduce ways to enhance learning and healing, using aids and processes to take care of students in ways that parents and school teachers may not be able to provide, in terms of physical, mental and emotional health.