Teaching Method

My Niche

“Even if you start panicking, forget the formulas, don’t understand the question, you just have to do this ….  “

Having trained as a first aider and worked in the safety sector where I have to take control of the high stress situation immediately whenever there is chemical spill or emergency, I am able to teach my students how to tackle problems, derive formulas from scratch and minimise damage even when they panic and forget the formulas or solutions during tests or exams.

It’s really awesome how you guys are managing all your activities, let me know if there is anything you want to learn or do but don’t know how to start”

I am able to help my students balance their academics with their non academic pursuits through a simple OMG system where they will learn to Organise their lives, Manage their time and Grow with daily goals in mind. I would hold their hands and guide them to opportunities to grow, in which they may not get back in school.

If you are having a flu or stressed out or feeling depressed, let me know. Healing is included in the package :) “

I am constantly improving on my technique in teaching students how to learn. I also pay a lot of attention to my students’ physical, mental and emotional well being and I will provide counselling when necessary. I put in a lot of effort in making sure that the environment and energy is conducive for learning and growing. One of my passion is to use nutrition and natural healing methods to relieve pain and enhance focus.

“JC  vs Polytechnic has been a widely debated topic, both have their own pros and cons for different types of students”

Having gone through both the Junior College and Polytechnic education system, I can advise parents and students in deciding the path to take after O levels, to let them know that they have choices and alternatives.

“Although for some of you, working life seems very far, here is some specialised education that you can start taking now to earn experiences and money now. Yes, even when, especially when you are a shy 13 years old introvert that likes to stay at home”

Having worked in MNCs and SME, in process engineering, insurance operations, supply chain, safety, banquet server etc, I am able to share my wide range of experiences with my students, to let them know that there are many alternatives in one’s career. I have been working part time since I was 18, however if only I knew what I am learning now like marketing, communications and making multiple sources of income online.

My Teaching Style

We go to school to find our learning styles, to learn to study subjects we hate, to learn to learn… so as to pick up and learn to handle instructions from clients or BOSS

I believe in bringing everyday real life examples and shortcuts into the learning process to enhance understanding and to reduce memory work using associations.

In what circumstances will my wrong answer be correct? Where have I seen this answer  before? Do you feel this way sometimes?

I specialise in using metaphors and diagrams to explain and classify things for easier memorization; identifying and correcting students’ misconceptions and assumptions; understanding what students are confused about; helping them to see where they have gone wrong and in what circumstances will their wrong answers be correct.

Along the way during teaching and problem solving, I will ask related additional questions to check one’s understanding and things memorised. I will show them the link between different topics or even subjects so that they can see the bigger picture of what they are studying and how things fit.