1 hour Tuition (Min 1 hour Max 3 hours Due To Limited Slots)

I will be answering 30 minutes of questions for free for 10 students from 24Mar17 to 30 April. Midnight Tutor will come alive after midnight!!! Limited Slots

WhatsApp me the questions at 90744719 for more details

Why spend 1.5 or 2 hours on tuition when a 1 hour tuition each time is even more effective?

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– Which Animal Package Should You Take?

Weekly Personal Online Tuition or Homework Help or How to Study Tips on the listed Subjects – A Math, E Math, Physics, Chemistry

(Start Early! Prices are fixed at the year you start Tuition with me!) [Save at least $480 a year for 2 hours lessons when you reach Sec 4]

For those who want personalized attention and customized tips , I would recommend the below packages:

1) Weekly Early Bird Tuition (7am to 8am, 8am to 9am, 9am to 10am on the weekends)

– $35  for sec 1 to sec 3 for 1hour

– $40 for sec 4 or sec 5 for 1hour


2) Weekly Night Owl Tuition (9pm to 10pm, 10pm to 11pm, 11pm to 12am, 12am to 1am on the weekends and weekdays)

– $35 for sec 1 to sec3 for 1hour

– $40 for sec4 or sec 5 for 1hour


3) Weekly Wolf Pack Tuition

(2 students or 3 students at the above timing, you can Split the cost among yourselves, more classmates, more savings! [save up to $1200 every year, in addition to a $50 referral appreciation fee, just by telling friends that online tuition works as well or even better]

– $66 for Sec 1 to Sec 3 for 1hour

– $78 for Sec 4 and sec 5 for 1hour

Howling wolves

4) Spider at the Corner Package 

(For those who are self-motivated, do not have questions but want to learn through observation of others’ mistakes and questions and receive my power tips— you will not get your questions answered during the lesson but send them to me here because I will choose some to answer every Sunday)

– $18 10 for sec1 to sec3 for 1 hour.

– $22 15 for Sec 4 or Sec 5 for 1 hour


****Crazy Bonus of Package 1,2 and 3:

  1. Free Spider at the Corner Package: Allowed to drop in and observe classes of my other online consultations for free! To gain extra tips and clarification of questions one may not have thought of.
  2. Free customized action plans (after every 4 continuous lessons) (worth $30)
  3. Free detailed personalized analysis of strength, weak points and habits in regards to the subject they are tutored in (after every 4 continuous lessons) (worth $30)
  4. 30 days GUARENTEE First 3 lessons can be refunded for Package 1 and 2 and 3

Imagine paying as Low as $40 per hour for small group by a tutor with 9 years of experience solving Math and Science questions, identifying tricks and shortcuts and weak points of students and giving away customised gifts worth more than $100 for every 4 lessons. Oh, the first 3 lessons could be refunded if this is not what you are looking for since there is a 30 days guarantee for package 1 and 2! *

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*Terms and conditions apply, click here for more info

Requirement of student:

  • Be Puntual and Consistent
  • Inform me at least 3 days in advance if you are unavailable for tuition (That time slot will be given away to other students at $35 for 1 hour (Priority for those in Spider at the wall package)

Do note that this is not for everyone.

  • Package 1, 2 and 3 are weekly classes while package 4 is not a routine weekly class, you can come and go as you like.
  • Ms Wing is not a magician; she can’t turn F9 into A1 overnight. (Although she wants to is on her way to make potions that boost brain power and cure flu overnight)
  • Ms Wing is not a know it all Encyclopedia. She’s an all rounder, which is what you have to be to do well for O Levels. She is not Einstein (Physics Genius) or Boyle (Chemistry Genius). She excels at creating systems and models for students to understand and memorise as she herself does not have a super good memory like the China students. The best is to give her the questions a day in advance so that she can prepare the answers beforehand. She aims to go through as many questions as possible during lesson as she hates to waste time.
  • Ms Wing has never taught in MOE schools or tuition centres (although they pay so much more) because she prefers teaching one to one, analyzing individual’s strengths and weakness, customizing systems for individuals, and she’s good at it. It is also faster so she is able to go through 4 subjects in 2 to 3hours instead of 6hours.
  • Money back guarantee for the first 3 lessons of package 1,2 and 3 if this is not what you are looking for.
  • Please book at least 2 weeks in advance to have a higher chance of getting your desired slot.

Remember, this is only for students who are serious about improving their grades.

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