2016 and 2015 graduates

“I received a L1R4 of 8 for my O Levels 🙂 I took up tuition with Ms Tang initially because I was very worried about my Chemistry and Physics which were on borderline pass. She was able to show me links between different subjects and helped me with the understanding of the English in the Math and Science questions. That helped me tremendously. “

Brandon Jurongville Sec (2 hours weekly tuition in A Math, E Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology)

“My A Math improved from F9 to B3 and my E Math improved from C5 to B3. I wanted tuition because I needed the full attention from a teacher, which was what I couldn’t get from school. Ms Tang is able to spot my mistakes as I do my calculations, hence saving me a lot of time and frustration on understanding what went wrong.”

Hanyu Kranji Sec (1.5hours weekly tuition in A Math and E Math)


1) Tanjong Katong Girls’s School (helped busy dancer to adapt to transfer from NA to Express stream and she’s still dancing in JC now)

2) Hong Kah Sec sch (referred by above)

3) Cedar Girl’s School (referred by above)

1) Fuhua Sec busy head prefect (Myanmar)

2) Fuhua Sec (referred – after seeing how the girl above was 1 out of 3 in class to pass chemistry test after tuition with me for 3wks)


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